Youth Hockey Lessons

Saturday Mornings by appointment

For the very beginner to intermediate, we offer lessons in a group format.  We offer lessons for advanced students and our beginner lessons.  Lessons are 25 minutes in length and include an hour practice session directly following lessons.  The cost is $95.00 per child for the five weeks of lessons and skate rental is included.

Youth Group Lessons:  

Saturday Mornings 9 am and 9:25 (age 7-15) 9:30-9:55 (age 3-6)

Hockey lessons will be 50 minutes and are for children with an interest in learning the game with prior skating experience.  Each student will need his/her own equipment.  Lessons are $105.00 for five weeks. 

Adult Lessons:

Sunday Mornings (age 16 and up)

Adults will be able to enjoy lessons on Sunday mornings in a quiet and calm environment. Lessons will include a 50 minute lesson and 50 minute practice session with instructors on hand to assist. Lessons are $105.00 for the five weeks of lessons.

Private Lessons

By appointment.

These lessons are offered at your convenience with a member of our instructional staff. Lessons are taught in 15, 30 & 45 minute increments. Ice time is purchased separately and the cost of skate rental is not included. If you are interested in private lessons please contact the Skating Director for current coaching rates.